Just Thinking..


It is good that I was afflicted so that I could and am being made into God’s chosen vessel to do all He has chosen me for.

I sat on my bed going over the Sunday school lesson last night (10-29-16), and my mind started thinking on how so much has changed and is changing. Tears start to fall! My life, my youngest son in school and having a girlfriend (still digesting these ones), my two older sons working, one has children and takes care of them and his own place, and I home school my 8 year old daughter. Wow! These things are bittersweet, but good. I thank God. Then, I thought about how my life just wasn’t what I thought it would be. Some things I just knew or so I thought I knew would be different. Things have been difficult by myself. Life has been tough n painful at times. I just knew some things would grow, develop, flourish and get better. I mean I prayed n prayed and lived opposite of the world as best as I could. My dreams and visions…some just didn’t happen didn’t work out..Well in the midst of it all..God!  See, I don’t live in the past but I think about how far God brought me. My tears dry up because I am so thankful God rescued me. Even though some things didn’t work out, God kept me. He healed my heart and carried me throught it all. This stuff keeps me humble. What I endure today keeps me humble, keeps me before God. I could have let my pain take me out and gave up, so so much has happened. Some things just never been told. So much God has kept me from. I take a deep breath, I am grateful and I thank God that it didn’t kill me or take me out my mind. I speak from experience when I say God is Real and He rescued me. He has always been there even before I knew He was. So I stay thankful forever and always.  Thankful tears! Tears of overwhelmingly serious thankfulness to my Father my Lord my God my Daddy my Daddy!! I’m at a time in my life where I am needing and learning God as Daddy. Every little girl needs a Daddy. I finally got mine. If you don’t have a daddy, I can share mine. Daddy God. So my heart cries out to my Daddy I need Him just like when I was a little girl.DADDY rescued me and called me His daughter. This I dwell on His love, this I think on. Jesus loves us. AMEN.


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