I am Beautiful

I am Beautiful without your fancy, high-heeled shoes

I am beautiful without your fancy dresses, your fancy blouses and fancy skirts

I am beautiful without your encouragement

I am beautiful in spite of your not saying so

I am beautiful without you noticing me

I am beautiful without your acknowlegement

I am still beautiful without your words of appreciation

I am beautiful still, even when you compare me to others;  I can love myself

Even when you see my picture, I am beautiful even though you never say so

I am beautiful even when I hurt and you cannot hug me

Because God told me I am beautiful. He is proud of me, He loves me, He encourages me, He tells me how great I am doing, I am pleasing Him

 He appreciates me, He loves me for me, He acknowledges me, He hugs me, He comforts me, He notices me, He does not compare me to anyone for I am the apple of His eye, He is in love with me just like I am.

Among other things God has put in me to be an encourager and I encourage you to tune out foolishness, comparisons, people who do not appreciate you, the fakes, the pretenders, the negativity and see yourself as God sees you, BEAUTIFUL!  So live to please Him!



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