In life we will go through much pain. it could be physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. My personal experience has been through them all because they all are related. I want to talk about my experience with physical pain and how it’s tied in with all these and how God uses what we go through to take us close to Him and with a greater impact. I have been going through physical pain for many years. It has been one thing after another. Allergies, hives, all over body pain in every area, headaches, migraines, bone pain, nerve pain, women troubles and pain, heart broken pain and more. So much we go through as people and so much more I didn’t name but you get the picture. Sickness, death, and our lives all play a part in all these areas on our lives. My physical pain has caused me to seek God even more. When I am weak, He is strong. I lean on Him I trust Him fully. This fully is a personal relationship because it’s a process as we live our life. We build up our trust and faith as we experience life. Physical pain hurts just as much as other pains, but it depends on how we handle them. Some say if you get punched you can heal, but the emotional pain takes longer. So look at it that way. The physical pain I am still going through that has been one thing or another for many years has caused other pain emotionally. This bothers us in many ways and can turn into pains dealing with our mental state too. So in order to get a handle on all this pain we can either turn to God or turn to the world. I chose God and I chose to get other help as He led me. It’s okay to get therapy. It is okay to use pain medication as needed, but as a child of God I had to seek God first.If your not saved, repent and be saved. It’s the best relationship you will ever have. So, I did not turn from God in my pain  but I turned to Him. I wasn’t as strong as I thought when I started this process but strength comes. I know we need God to make it through anything. In my pain, I got to know God more, I got to seek Him more, I got to read His word more, I got to pray more, I got to hear Him more and I will obey Him. I praised God and I worshipped God. Through this pain I have spoken to others and shared how God uses our personal struggles to make us better and stronger for His purposes in our lives. I definitely have learned to trust God with my mind, my body, my finances (tithes, offerings), my children, my health, everything belongs to Him. I TRUST YOU FATHER GOD! So when the pains comes, turn to God not away from God. He will sustain you, change you and keep you which transforms you into who He created you to be each day. Then you can walk and operate in to your full potential Amen.


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