Just thinking..

So much going on in life. We got personal struggles and not so personal struggles. Sometimes life seems to be still but it never really is. There is just so many distractions in life, so much lying, pain, abuse, hatred and so forth, it is really hard sometimes to not allow some of these negatives to intrude in our lives. While we see these negatives and evils daily, it is mostly a choice to indulge or not. Sometimes, people involve us before we have a chance but thank God at times we can bail out. I choose to bail out all the time. I have chose a path, a way that leads away from destruction, though it is still not easy, I thank God for His help. To be honest, without God interfering many of us would already be dead. So, while life happens I thank God for the One who is my Life. He picks me up and carries me some days. He lets me sit in His lap some days. He talks to me and I talk to Him. This is the only way that I get through life. God first above everything..


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