Yes Lord,

I have obeyed what I heard awhile ago. I live in a small apartment but it’s okay. I don’t expect people to want to come around here, but I see it don’t even matter. God got this! I chose to start speaking, teaching, giving out, praying in my apartment. It’s called To Be of Help Ministry. The reason being obedience to the Father and the compassion and love in my heart. I love to see people grow, to have joy, to be well, to be helped, to smile and to be loved. I prayed for a heart like Jesus. I’m getting along in this, but a long way to go. What a blessing it is to my heart for God to trust me with the care of others! Truly I am honored by His trust in me. When I spoke, the Lord was speaking through me to these women. Later on after I sat down, I got so excited because I knew the Holy Ghost was speaking and was in the room during the gathering. What an honor to have the Presence of God in the midst because of obedience to His will. I worship Him in spirit and in truth daily. So, just excited to see what He does at the next one, as I seek His face daily and sit in His presence. Do you desire to have prayer, worship, bible study, gathering’s to share the love of God and His word? Just step out on faith and do it!


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