Where I am

Life has it’s way of  shaping us or destroying us, it all depends on how you live. My life has its ups and downs, but one thing I do know is God is constant and never changing in my life. My struggles, upsets, pain, and hurt are cast on Him. I certainly will not carry it anymore. I cannot be who He is calling me to be if I keep trying to carry life’s burdens and life’s struggles, but casting them on God, my Father, guarantees that I will not live in stress or hurt. Yes, we get hurt and life has stresses, but choosing to carry them myself and keeping them on me and in me, I choose not to do. I am finally seeing the vision God has for me. I am finally seeing a glimpse of things He has for me to do. We can hinder our own destiny by how we think about ourselves. It takes a long time sometimes to see past the dark that once clouded our minds and the hurt that filled our hearts. I made the choice to move beyond this place. I made the choice to look over into the Light. I made the choice to see further than my environment dictates to me all my life. I am making the choice to change my destiny and how my life will be. I choose to allow my children to no longer see me as just being mom, but as a strong woman of God taking action for my destiny. They will see God move as I move. They will know God did this, because I chose to go forth into what God put in me to do and no longer waste what gifts He put in me. I am desperate to please God with what He put in me. Our gifts are to be used to glorify God. For so long, I had no clue what I was to do, who I was, or what gifts I have, and some stuff I still am learning, but I choose to glorify God with my life. What I do know is I choose to make God proud of what I do know and ask Him to lead me into the rest I don’t know. I choose to encourage and inspire others to get up from that place of despair and take action to participate in your destiny. Fear will no longer stop me from taking part in my destiny. I will have what God said I can have and I will bless those He said to bless. I will encourage, counsel and speak life to dying people. I will uplift, admonish, teach, and help to establish others to walk into their destiny. Amen. I am determined to write and speak out on my life to not only change my life, but to change the lives of others who thought like me. You can step out of your past environment and make a great difference for you and others. I am a living witness to this change. I will no longer be still, but stand and fight for my destiny and for the destiny of my children and all those who God calls me to speak life into. Amen. I am a work in progress, but a great work in progress. God I give You all the glory, honor and praise and worship for my life. Amen. Just watch and see what God does through me. I dare you to take action and be courageous in the face of your environment. God bless you.


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