A True Mother’s Love

What is true love? True love is the sacrifice of Christ’s death for all mankind. True love is sacrifice.

True love is being sorry for your wrong’s, your pain, kindness, truth, honesty, hope, commitment, dedicated to helping someone else, compassion, and so much more. The reason for this explanation is love is a huge sacrifice. It is putting others before yourself. Jesus did this for us all. He is Love. If you choose Him you will find out what Love looks like and feels like. The Bible says, (Ephesians 4:19), to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. That fullness in turn will bless your life more than you could hope or think.

A true Mother’s love is sacrifice. She puts others before herself. She holds her children’s hands while they are sleep. She lovingly gazes at them while they are sleep. She prays over them while they are sleep. She prays over them before they leave in the morning and throughout the day and night. When they are older and in their own homes, she continues to pray for them. As I write this, I had tears come to my eyes, because of the love God has given me deep in my heart for my own children. He is Amazing. Because of His love for me, I can love my own children with such unconditional love. He has shown me that I can love them even when they are not acting good, just like we all do sometimes and God still loves us. The joy of being a mother is loving my children, being there for them, and thanking God for the opportunity to teach, discipline, nurture and raise up young lives. God gives mother’s patience. Through the up and downs of being a mother, we still see the joy and the light. Take time to always enjoy your gifts from the Lord in listening to them, helping them, understanding them, and supporting them. Ask God for His wisdom in handling the difficulties of motherhood. We cannot do it alone. Love them unconditionally and not conditionally! Do not give up on them! Start early and do right and if you did not start early, do the best from what stage you are in with them. Repent and ask for forgiveness, as well as, asking your children to forgive you too. A true mother has joy in raising her children under the love and discipline of the Lord. True love comes from a relationship with the Father. Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!


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