What an Experience!

Can someone wake me from this nightmare? Is this really happening? I just never imagined this happening. What looked like a nightmare can really be a blessing. I had some unwelcome visitors come into my home at some point that I never knew were on the inside of my couches, our beds, and our dressers. What a sight this is in my home! Just having to live out of trash bags, sleeping on the floors, washing clothes non-stop, constantly having to keep it in order, it has been quite a tiring experience. So much I had to throw away, but out of that was less things to carry to a new place. I lost all my belongings except for a loveseat. To have everything and then it is gone by no fault of your own, I have to believe God is up to something. I am very tired from this whole deal but I thank God for His strength. I thank God for the mind of Christ, because I didn’t flip out or act crazy because I lost all my furniture. It’s quite expensive to start all over. I thank God for patience. Yes, my body is really hurting, because I can’t do what I used to, but His grace is sufficient in my weakness. God is up to something and He alone restores all that I need.

I can’t say it’s been easy because it hasn’t been. It’s been back breaking. In the midst of this, I know God has a plan. Even on the outside it may look depressing, but when we place our hope in the Father, He will turn this out for my good. Even though my body and hands are hurting, God is my Healer, Restorer and Comforter. I know God still got a plan. I choose to believe God. I choose to trust better is coming.



2 thoughts on “What an Experience!

  1. Hi Carmen ~ Thank you for your blog! You give perspective to those moments concerning the good things that come out of bad situations. I enjoyed your other piece on A Mother’s Love as well.

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