When God speaks

When God speaks it all makes sense. When God speaks the hurt and pain I endured is all worth it. When God speaks all the anguish the separation the manipulation the deception the selfish people the loneliness is all worth it. When God speaks, it all becomes clear. When God speaks and my eyes are opened to see clearly His plan. When God speaks the cry from my soul spills out in answer to the healing that came when The Father spoke to me. I am becoming who He created me to be..a humble servant after the heart of the Father. He acknowledged my anguish and spoke. When God speaks…Amen.


No matter..

No matter what they think God thinks more of you. No matter what they say God says better. No matter how they treat you God treats you best. No matter how life goes, God loves you. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be cared for. I deserve to be treated well. I deserve to be hugged. I deserve to be genuinely taken care of with great love. My tears God has bottled up and He wipes every tear away. You are special to God. You are the apple of His eye. You are beautiful to Him. He adores you. No matter what anyone says has said has done no matter what they do believe this.. God loves you. God loves me and this qualifies us to not settle for less than God’s love, real love.


In this life, we go through so much more than we ever talk about. So much goes on behind closed doors than we can ever imagine. So much exploitation in so many ways that many will never get justice for on this side. The pain in life is great. True joy in the Lord is the only Hope in this life. We can seek after many things, but seeking God is the One thing that truly fulfills us.

No more religion, no more helping one person and not helping another person, stop the favoritism, stop the comparison, stop the competing, where is the Love? Be who you are for real, stop pretending to be someone in one place and be someone else in another place. We all go through things in this life and circumstances can be so bad sometimes, so we ask God to help us not treat others bad when we go through these hard times. We need God to still be about love. Sometimes, we are pushed to our limit, but through God we have the strength to continue. This is what we share with others. It is not so much about taking time for yourself as in allowing God to deal with us personally. This is when the changes come into play for us personally which is seen, heard and known outward. God made us beautiful so we in turn need to live in that state of mind. Live on purpose in a state of love and this is what others will feel when they encounter me. No matter what is happening, through the hurt, pain and grief, Love still prevails. Loneliness has nothing on Love.

As I take my time to heal from great discouragement, I am not attending church. I was hurt in the church and out of the church but in the process I am in the face of God as I heal. At first, I was so hurt I could barely pray but still talked to the Father in my heart and mind. It has been a hurtful and helpful time for me. A time of revelation and understanding, a time of healing and processing, a time of Love and a time to be wiser and I thank God. Many may believe I am not right, but God knows what He is doing in me. He knows what is going on in me and my heart for Him. What is sad is that the person or person’s who had discouraged me do not even think they did anything or have been deceived into thinking that they are in the right when it was really self speaking and not of the spirit of God. I thank God for His forgiveness and love which caused me to be able to forgive, love and have compassion. God is a Healer. We must choose to forgive and pray for those who hurt us, even when they do not realize it and even when you try to make amends and it is not received. So today, I am in my Daddy’s heart and in His presence as I have grown in so many ways as I have come from under the spirit of control, discouragement, intimidation, religious¬† mindsets, ungodly wording, and unloving ways. Just forgive. Thank You Daddy God. God bless.

Love-God, God-Love

Love has no bias, no racist ways, no color or no odor. Love does not pick and choose which one to love today, Love has no favorites but Loves with no boundaries no limits. Love treats everyone with Love. Love is not weird acting, is not funny-acting, is not hurtful, rude, mean, or nasty, love sees no color or discriminates. Love heals, Love gives. Love does not discourage nor ostracize, Love includes. Love cares, Love shows Itself as pure, Love lives right before God, Love does not kill, mistreat or abuse. Love is Life. Love does right regardless of whose looking or watching or listening. Love is not beauty always. Love does not take into account clothes, skin, shape or hair. Love is God. Love does not judge, Love covers. Love does not humiliate, Love does not bully, Love does not control or take over, Love does not intimidate nor pick and choose who to deal with. Love helps, Love is God!

Where I am today

In His presence is where I must live. People will discourage us and some aren’t even aware they are doing it. Some believe because they have a place of leadership that it is okay to say what they want. Just because it’s good don’t mean it’s God. Just because you think it should be said, don’t mean it should be said. There is a time to speak up and a time to shut up, please use wisdom lives are at stake. So many people are compared to another person or persons and this has caused many to live beneath who they are. There is always so much competition to do better than the other person. It’s put up or shut up. One must get up there and outdo someone else. The intimidation is real only if you let it be. We truly must conquer our fears of our past so it does not stop our destiny. Let fears of what others think about us go. Let go of what people expect of you. Let go of how people view you according to themselves. Let go of religious mindsets and activities that hinder not help build a relationship with God and others. Let go of what you think about yourself if it not what God thinks about you. Do not worry about how others look but do you and be your best you. Daily it is necessary to encourage yourself and put your hope and trust in the Lord. So today where I am is seeking the Lord even in the midst of discouragement, tiredness, and being alone. Sometimes we must walk alone on our journey. We must know God is right with us if we sit still and reach out to Him. Amen. Today, as I go through my own journey, I am keeping myself in the Lord and seeking Him. It is also good to have friends that are for you and have no motives. God bless you.

Learning day by day

I’m learning how to live life with God first. I’m learning how to keep going keep moving and stay encouraged. Life can be pretty rough and lonely sometimes, but I’ve learned to cry out to the Lord in my loneliness and allow Him to fill that space. I am learning how to keep myself in prayerful mode. Jesus on my mind helps me get through each day. I’m learning how to be consistent and keep doing what God put in me to do. I’m still learning who I am and walking in that person daily. So much has been unfolding, a person who is strong, enduring, faithful to God, faithful to reading His Word, caring, loving, and learning to speak up in the name of Jesus. I am not easily intimidated or in fear any longer of what people think about me. I stand for God’s truth period. I am forever growing, compassionate, strong and always learning, Amen.


He thought he had me, he thought I was going to give in, he thought that his tormenting would lead me to stop, to give up, to throw in the towel or just weaken my strength but I did not quit seeking the Lord, even while I felt afraid. The fear led me to seek God even more to pray even more to praise even more to worship Him even more. I am victorious and anything trying to stop me from living victoriously will be stopped. I am strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. So, don’t quit don’t give up and keep your head up, because you’re worth it.

To Someone..

What has life without the One who gave us life in it? How can we know who we truly are and what our purpose is without seeking the One who gave us life and put purpose is us? I know without a purpose, life is overwhelming. I know without knowing who I am, life is heartbreaking, confusing, stifling and meaningless. I need more of God to know who I am. I need to hear God’s voice to know how to move forward. I need His direction to know which path to take. For one to continually go their own way leads to death, sometimes slowly. We want life, life, life and the Author and Creator of life is God the Father. Seek Him while He is still talking. I know I must hear and trust and know Him, or else life means nothing. I have nothing and I am nothing without Him. Amen

Living For Today…

Sometimes people talk about the future and that’s all well and good, but I’m just trying to get through today. Life happens moment by moment sometimes and we are not promised tomorrow, so today is the day where life happens, today is the day I need mercy, today is the day I need Grace, today is the day I live for. Today, I need God to tell me it’s okay, it’s alright, because I’m here and have not forgot about you. When it gets lonely in life, we need God to say I’m here today, right now for you, in this moment. So, today I’m just making it through today because tomorrow is not promised to us. Today is the day of salvation so my future is secure. No worries about that if we live as if today is all we have, because in God we are safe. God bless. 

What an Experience!

Can someone wake me from this nightmare? Is this really happening? I just never imagined this happening. What looked like a nightmare can really be a blessing. I had some unwelcome visitors come into my home at some point that I never knew were on the inside of my couches, our beds, and our dressers. What a sight this is in my home! Just having to live out of trash bags, sleeping on the floors, washing clothes non-stop, constantly having to keep it in order, it has been quite a tiring experience. So much I had to throw away, but out of that was less things to carry to a new place. I lost all my belongings except for a loveseat. To have everything and then it is gone by no fault of your own, I have to believe God is up to something. I am very tired from this whole deal but I thank God for His strength. I thank God for the mind of Christ, because I didn’t flip out or act crazy because I lost all my furniture. It’s quite expensive to start all over. I thank God for patience. Yes, my body is really hurting, because I can’t do what I used to, but His grace is sufficient in my weakness. God is up to something and He alone restores all that I need.

I can’t say it’s been easy because it hasn’t been. It’s been back breaking. In the midst of this, I know God has a plan. Even on the outside it may look depressing, but when we place our hope in the Father, He will turn this out for my good. Even though my body and hands are hurting, God is my Healer, Restorer and Comforter. I know God still got a plan. I choose to believe God. I choose to trust better is coming.